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          Company Profile

          Company Introduction:

          TianJin Dongwen High Voltage Power supply Corp , situated in LanHaiBuilding 47th, ShiYiJingLu , HeDong district, TianJin ,CHN, was founded in 1998 and registered capital 

          of three million yuan with independent import and export rights. Our company owned nearly 100 employees and belongs to millitary security unit and high-tech enterprise.   

          Our Products: 

          Up to Now, Dongwen high voltage power supplies have been widely used in millitary equipment, communication, medical apparatus and instruments, electrical power, railway, chemical industry, instrument and meters, industrial control, optics, spectrum, high-energy physics, national defense, scientific research institudes, college and university labs and other fields. At present, thousands of our customers are using our products. They are also praised highly and widely because of their high reliability, high efficiency, high stability , perfect functions , high technology, excellent service and prompt delivery.

          The main products including: Power supplies for photo-multiplier tube, for the electrophoresis of capilary tube, ozone power supply, for deuterium lamp, for polarization, for traveling wave tube, for counter tube, for avalanche tube, for discharge tube, for X-ray tube, for laser, for pulse, for high voltage constant current, for high-voltage switch, for high-voltage regulated power, for electrostatic power, for high-voltage electron gun, for ignition source power, for intelligent high-voltage power supply, for plasma, for Xenon lamp, for Zinc lamp, for Green fluorescent lamp, for deburring, high-voltage modules and so on.According to the customer' needs, we provide remote controlling software for our products.

           Company Philosophy:  

          Our Company consistently uphold the "having in mind gratefully for employees, the heart checks and reverses, social responsibility" philosophy.

          Our Company has a young and passionate team and all of our staffs are well educated.Over sixty percent of the employees have college and bechelor degree or higher degree. Engineers of experince and real learning are the mainstays of the company. All types of engineering and technical personnel accounting for one-third, which provide guarantee for technology research and development.

          Our company always put designing, developing and making high precision, high quality power supply as our highest pursuit.Gaining market share and openning up international market are the main route in our company.

          Connecting people, customer-centric,market-led approach and creative innovation are our permanent principles.

          Relying on scientific management, we create a dedicated, honest, pragmatic, hard work, strict business group. The target of the company is building contemporary company system.


          Company History:

          2003: The company has passed ISO9001 quality certification.

          2011: And gained ISO9001:2008 Quality System Certification for version.

          So far, seventy-two patents related with high-voltage power supply were granted. Thirty one of them are innovation patents. Some patents are approved by the National Ministry Of Science And Technology.

          2009: Up to 1.1 million yuan of the Innovation Fund Project have been provided by the National Ministry Of Science And Technology.

          2009: The Company is approved as the pilot enterprise in patent operation.

          2010: The Company is approved as Small And Medium Technology Based Firms.

          2011: The ERP system was introduced.

          2012: The Company was rated as high-tech enterprise.

          2013: Got the permission of the import and export business license.  

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